Sanitary napkins, Pads 
& Diapers

Cotton pad processing (RSM)

Schober offers machines with a web width of up to 700 mm for punching and stacking round, square and rectangular cotton pads. For pads with a diameter of 57 mm, up to 11 repeats across the material web are possible. The punched products are counted inline, stacked horizontally and packed automatically. Product deliveries for nested products are optionally available to minimise waste.

Cutting modules

High-Speed production of diapers, sanitary napkins and incontinence products. The sophisticated module concept impresses with an outstanding tool design and ensures maximum efficiency, productivity and running performance.

Cut & Place modules

Cut & Place technology

Reliable transfer of shape-cut products on a continuously by passing web.


Cut & Place modules increase machine availability, for example when applying frontal tape. They are equipped with non-stick coated transfer cylinders and replaceable carbide cutting and anvil knives.

Cut & Slip module with non-stick coating and replaceable cutting blades

Airlaid punching module

with interchangeable punch and die segments. Thanks to an ingenious system, free geometries can also be punched in addition to round holes - within the scope of technical possibilities - even with a narrow hole pattern.

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Read all about innovative cutting, punching, creasing and embossing in our brochure "Efficient Rotary processing of films, nonwovens and textiles"

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