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75 years of technology made in Germany

Comprehensive know-how, permanent development and process analysis enable us to offer customer-specific "complete solutions" for the manufacturing of high-quality products. Highest precision and flexibility are achieved through the use of digital drives, with maximum synchronization.

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Guntmar Schober, a toolmaker and business man, founded the knife grinding company Schober

The company was initially based in Weimarstraße followed by Senefelderstraße in Stuttgart from 1954 onwards.


First rotary creasing and cutting machine

The development of a rotary creasing and cutting machine in 1956 set a significant milestone in the history of the company. More than 3,000 machines of this type have been sold worldwide till now.


First exhibition and the start of the production of rotary punching tools 

In 1957 Schober attended its first exhibition in Lausanne (CH), which was a major international breakthrough in sales. 

One year later, in 1958, Schober started its production of rotary punching tools.


Relocation of the mechanical engineering department

In 1971, the company building at Industriestrasse 12 in Hochdorf was acquired and the mechanical engineering department was relocated there.


First cutting rollers and products for the hygiene industry

The first cutting rollers and installation modules for the hygiene industry were manufactured in 1976.

In 1977, the company premises in Industriestrasse 2 were also acquired and tool production was relocated accordingly. 


Europe-wide sales network

In the early 1980s, NG tools with carbide punches and bushes were developed and sold for the endless industry, of which around 20,000 pairs are still in use today.

Over the course of this decade, more and more label cutting units were supplied. At this time, Schober already had a Europe-wide sales network and around 70 employees.


New building with 5,800 m2

In 1987 a building expansion was added to the location at Industriestraße 2 to increase the production area to almost 4,000 m² and to provide a showroom and office area of approx. 1,800 m². The development of tools and machines increased by leaps and bounds in all branches of industry. 


Foundation of the FMB

The first carbide cutting tools and hot stamping modules for the hygiene industry were supplied in 1989.

The company FMB was founded in Zwickau in 1991. 


Founding of subsidiaries

In 1995 Jiarui (China), Schokar (Hong Kong) and Schober USA, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio) were founded.


Expansion and extension

In 1999 Schober reorganized its production area and built a new building to house the manufacturing facility. This addition increased the available production area at headquarters to approx. 5,500 m². In the following years, several converting machines had been developed. Schober was able to strengthen its position as one of the worldwide leading suppliers of rotary die cutting, creasing and punching tools.


Schobertechnologies GmbH and Schober GmbH Holding

The Schobertechnologies GmbH was founded in 2010 and Schober GmbH was transformed into Schober GmbH Holding. In 2011 Schobertechnologies took over the operative business from Schober GmbH, a starting point of the next generation in company history. 


Innovation at Drupa (D)

In 2012 Schobertechnologies presented at Drupa (D) a rotary die cutting machine for Inmould Labels with a twin robot display allowing the first time web converters to stack convoluted products in an economic way. 


High-performance modules with automatic cutting cylinder quick lift device

In 2018 further development of the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT, introduced in 2017, for the further processing of digitally printed materials. Introduction of an extremely low-vibration high-performance cutting module with automatic cutting cylinder quick lift device. Development of rotary cutting and perforating modules in high-performance blister packaging machines.



First-time presentation of a specially developed and globally unique roll processing machine for paper, film and cardboard at Interpack. The hybrid concept enables the use of cutting and creased sheets for medium and short runs, particularly in the field of digital printing.

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Head office

Schobertechnologies GmbH

Industriestr. 2 | 71735 Eberdingen


Global presence



Jerónimo Salguero 2664 1° “1”,
1425 Buenos Aires


Convertec do Brasil Ltd.

Rua Miguel Magalhaes, 82
82 02710-090 São Paulo


Quimica Agasil

Los Maitenes
11903 Las Condes, Santiago


Schober USA, Inc.

4690 Industry Drive Fairfield,
OH 45014


Shanghai Zones International Trade Co. Ltd.

Room 303, 3rd floor, No. 1990 Longyang Road
201204 Shanghai

Hongkong, China

Kar Ming Technology Development Ltd.

Unit L, 14/F., Shield Ind. Centre
Nos. 84-92 Chai Wan Kok Street
Tsuen Wan, New Territories (HK)



JL. Raya Sukomanunggal Jaya 5, Blok D 18, Satelit Town Square, Surabaya
60188, Jawa Timur


MIM Multi Inti Mandiri

Bintaro Jaya Sektor IX, Jl. Mertilang XXI Blok KD 4/1-2 Pondok Pucung
15229 Tangerang


MAC-Craft Pte. Ltd.

11, Mandai Estate, No. 11-07
Eldix Industrial Bldg.
729908 Singapur

South Korea

Phil-Tech International Co., Ltd.

3rd Floor, Full In Key Building
229 Madangbawi-ro, Bongdam-eup
Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 18336
South Korea



No. 36-2, Section 2, Zhong Yang South Road,
Beitou, Taipei 112030


Texbo Trading Co., Ltd.



Rotografix GmbH

Diehlgasse 37
1050 Wien


Schobertechnologies GmbH

Industriestr. 2
71735 Eberdingen


Offlex Oy

Kolamiilunkuja 12B
01730 Vantaa


Materiel Graphique Moderne

ZAC les portes de Sucy
10, rue Christophe Colomb
94370 Sucy en Brie


NCA Hellas

5, Polemi str.
14451 Metamorphosis

Great Britain

R.D.J. Ltd.

6 Tunbrook Avenue
Grimsargh, Preston, Lancs PR2 5LD
Great Britain


Bosschart BV

Curacao 38
7332 BM Apeldoorn


Formu-Graf A.S.

Klevaveien 15
1719 Greåker


Serwis Print

ul Pancerniakow 13
94-331 Lodz


Primatehnic Service SRL

Str. Oxigenului, Nr. 1E
077037 Comuna Cernica Sat Caldararu Jud. Ilfov


Ogard Ltd.

Fridrih Engelsa str. 75, b. 11, office 308
105082 Moskau


Formu-Graf AS

Pilakersgatan 32
26141 Landskrona


Multigrafika s.r.o.

Rajecká 13
82107 Bratislava


Impryma S.L.

Carrer Manuel Fernández Márquez, 20, Parque Empresarial, Granland Badalona Sur
08918 Badalona (Barcelona)


B+K Kft.

Szabó Imre u 47
9700 Szombathely


Rota P. Printing Equipment. Ltd.

St, Hapeled 10
IL- 58811 Holon


Al-Jawad Photo & Trading Co.

Behind Al-Qabas Newspaper
Al-Sahafa Street
13046 Safat Kuwait


Polygrafika Sarl

1600 Saida


Redagraph S.A.

Angle Rues Ezaitoune et Nisrine
20000 Casablanca


Teknoset Matbaa Teknolojisi ve

Ekipmanlari San. ve Tic. Limited
Atatürk Cad./ Cebesoy sokak No 38
34734 Sahrayicedit - Kadiköy - Istanbul

United Arab Emirates

Alpha Ink and Printing Materials

Office C2-310, 3rd Floor, Entrance 2
Belhoul Building, Al Garhoud Area
P.O. BOX 22613

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Sustainably towards the future

The Schober Group give a high priority to the protection of the environment. 

That is why we use resources and pollutants responsibly. In our investment decisions, we increasingly consider environmentally friendly and future-oriented technologies.

Solar use of self-generated electricity
Recycling of production waste
Promotion of public transport
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Code of Conduct

According to the “Fundamentals and Corporate Values of the Schober Group” it is a matter of course for us to comply with the applicable laws and regulations all over the world. The Management Board of the Schober Group is convinced that sustainable economic success is inextricably linked to compliance with these principles and corporate values. These and the following Code of Conduct must therefore shape our behavior towards our business partners and employees as well as society and the environment in all countries in which we operate. All employees, board members and affiliated companies are therefore obliged to comply with all applicable laws and high ethical standards as part of their activities. In doing so, the Schober Group is guided in particular by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

This code of conduct is binding for all employees, directors and officers, and companies of the Schober Group, hereinafter referred to as employees.

Each employee is obliged to comply with high ethical standards and all applicable national and international laws. Every employee must act fairly, respectfully and trustworthily in all activities and business relationships and uphold and promote the reputation of the Schober Group. Every employee is obliged to respect human rights and actively support their protection. Every employee should ensure that they do not participate in human rights violations. Any form of discrimination, harassment or other dishonest behavior based on gender, age, race, skin color, ethnic or national origin, religion, ideology, sexual identity or orientation, marital status, disability or any other legally protected characteristic is prohibited. Any form of child or forced labor is prohibited, as are working conditions or treatment that violate national laws or international agreements. The right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is recognized.

Environmental protection is a high priority for the Schober Group. This is why we handle resources and pollutants in a responsible manner and take the development and prevalence of environmentally friendly technologies into account.

Each employee has an obligation to protect corporate assets from abuse and loss. As a matter of principle, corporate assets may only be used for business purposes unless private use is authorized. Each employee is also obligated to protect the intellectual property of the Schober Group, e.g. patents, brands and expertise, from attacks or loss. The intellectual property of others is to be respected.

Business secrets and other sensitive information must be handled confidentially and protected from disclosure to unauthorized persons. This also applies for inventions and other expertise. Employees that have access to business secrets and other sensitive information may not pass them on to third parties without authorization or use them for purposes other than business purposes. Business documents and IT systems are to be protected from unauthorized access by third parties. Personal data may only be collected, used and stored according to the applicable data protection regulations.

Antitrust law is intended to secure and maintain free and genuine competition in the interest of all market participants. Each employee is thus obligated to observe the applicable antitrust laws and other laws intended to regulate competition.

Corruptions including extortion and bribery, is rejected in any kind of business dealings both domestically and abroad. We shall forego a business transaction and the achievement of internal targets if such can only be achieved by breaking the law. The following are prohibited in particular:

  • Offering, promising or granting a domestic or foreign officeholder a personal, financial or other advantage for the performance or omission of an official act
  • Offering, promising or granting members or representatives of domestic or foreign companies personal, financial or other advantages
  • Allowing acts of corruption to be carried out with the help of others, e.g. with the help of relatives, friends, dealers, advisors or brokers
  • Supporting the illegal actions of other individuals
  • Encouraging or accepting personal, financial or other advantages from business partners or their employees.
  • Gifts and invitations within the scope of business relationships with business partners that stay within the framework of common business hospitality, customs and politeness and do not violate any laws are exempted from the above bans.

The employees of the Schober Group are obligated to avoid activities that could lead to a conflict of interest. As a matter of principle, there is to be no awarding of contracts to closely affiliated individuals (e.g. spouses, domestic partners, relatives and friends) or to companies at which closely affiliated individuals are employed in a key function or in which they hold a significant share or for which they act as our negotiation partner.

The Schober Group only works together with reputable business partners that act within the guidelines of legal regulations and do not use illegal funds. Each employee is obligated to comply with the laws against money laundering and immediately report suspicious moments that may indicate money laundering.

Every employee must adhere the European regulations and laws that limit free trade between nations for security and foreign policy reasons. Export bans and limitations as well as sanctions against countries, organizations and persons, including limits in means of payment, must be adhered according the European regulations.

The Schober Group will ensure that the code of conduct is observed in an active and ethically responsible manner. All employees of the Schober Group must support this code. Actions that do not comply with this code should be reported to compliance@schober-gmbh.de in order to be investigated and corrected immediately. Violations are subject to appropriate disciplinary measures that could lead to termination of the employment contract without notice and claims for damages.