Inmould labels, 
tea labels, 
tickets & 
self-adhesive labels
Rotary cutting machine (RSM)

Cutting and stacking of nested products

Cutting and stacking of blanks with web widths of up to 1,000 mm, format lengths of up to 1,220 mm and processing speeds of up to 100 m/min - is no problem.

Additional stations for needling, creasing and embossing are optionally available.


The Varicut platform is ideal for short runs and quick format changes.

Rotary punching machine (RSR)

Perfectly perforated and cut products

with double rewind for the production of single rolls of film, foil, paper or cardboard

  • Standard working widths: 260 to 520 mm (special dimensions available on request)
  • Mechanical speed: 150 m/min
  • Driven material unwind, electronically controlled
  • Web edge control with integrated splice table
  • Basic unit to accommodate product-specific punching inserts
  • Slitting station with pneumatically operated knife holders, for separating the webs, minimum web width 20 mm
  • Double rewinder with constant winding tension, variable for core diameters 76 (3") to 152 mm (6"), optional semi-automatic non-stop rewinder
  • Automatic circumferential register control for precise die-cutting of the printed material web
  • Suction for edge trim and punching waste
  • Minimum material thickness 50 µm (film), minimum basis weight 120 gr/m2 (paper), depending on tensile strength
  • Sophisticated control concept for dimensional accuracy
  • Suitable for industrial production
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Magnetic tape applicator (MTA)

The Schober MTA is a reliable component for the production of ATB tickets, boarding passes, wallets, parking tickets, ISO cards, metro and bus tickets, lottery tickets, admission tickets and much more. The ingenious sealing technology for the transfer of the magnetic tape, e.g. onto thermal paper, guarantees a high processing speed of up to 150 m/min

MTP - offline processing system for magnetic tape application, creation of corner roundings & control holes for tickets, incl. a folding delivery

Autopack - non-stop folding system for tickets

MTO - Offline magnetic tape applicator with sealing cylinder

Folding unit (TF)

Automatic folding and finishing system with integrated slitter for public parking and event tickets, ATB boarding passes, wallets, iso cards and much more.

Tag Inserter

for the integration of anti theft and RFID labels. The tag inserter separates self-adhesive, pre-punched labels from their carrier tape, places an electronic article surveillance (EAS) or a transponder (RFID) and covers the dispensed goods again with the "peeled-off" self-adhesive label.

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Read all about innovative finishing in our brochure "Rotary finishing of packaging, inmould labels and folding cartons". Cutting, Perforating, Punching, Creasing and Embossing

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