Rotary cutting and perforating
Getting your 
circular knives 
as sharp as new!
Kreismesser mit Schobi
Rotary punching
We offer you 
more than just 
stamps and 
punching dies!
Stempel und Stanz-Büchsen mit Schobi
Resharpening service
gets your rotary 
cutting tools back into 
top shape!
Schneidwerkzeuge mit Schobi

Configurate your 

perforating lines as 


Perforierlinien mit Schobi

Order now quickly and easily spare and wear parts for rotary punching and cutting machines online.

When it comes to our spare parts, we apply the highest quality standards. They are manufactured with the highest precision.

Original Schobertechnologies spare and wear parts - a guarantee for reliability and productivity.

Icon Prozess
Spare parts make your process more sustainable
Icon Lieferzeit
Short delivery times and support during installation
Icon Kostenreduzierung
Replacing wear parts reduces your costs
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Maximum quality at fair prices
Cutting, perforating

From circular knives to perforating lines

Kreismesser und Perforierlinien schweben in Lichtstrahlen.

Stamps, punching dies and die discs

Stempel, Stanzbüchsen und Tellerlochscheiben schweben in Lichtstrahlen

Regrind service for circular knives, bottom knives and cutting cylinders

Schobertechnologies offers you a grinding and sharpening service for your own and/or third-party manufactured tools. We have extensive grinding techniques with which all cutting edge designs can be produced from carbide, longlife, HSS or superchrome.


In addition, you can purchase sharpening equipment as well as  test stations.

Kreismesser, Untermesser und Schneidzylinder schweben in Lichtstrahlen

Questions & Answers

In general, this is possible, as long as the technical parameters allow economical resharpening. For an initial check, you are more than welcome to send us a photo of what needs to be re-sharpened by e-mail. Our experts will then discuss the further procedure with you.

Regrinding of circular knives can be done within one to two weeks. For form cutting cylinders, the regrinding time is between three and eight weeks, depending on the geometry and complexity.

Carbide, Longlife (powder metallurgy steel), HSS or Superchrome (tool steel)

If the materials are known and the third-party product is professionally made, it can usually be regrinded. Depending on the complexity of the tools, a program for CNC regrinding may be due. Please feel free to discuss further details with our parts department.

High performance solutions for the rotary processing of technical products

Our comprehensive know-how in the areas of punching, cutting, creasing or cut&place is our strength.

We are the leading specialists in highly efficient rotary tooling. For many years we develope and manufacture high-quality, consistent tools, bulit-in modules and specialty machines. Throughout the engeneering, production, installation, commissioning and worldwide after-sales service - Our focus is always on the perfect workflow for our customers. 

Flexible display and transfer systems

Choose the display and transfer technologies according to your individual requirements