Rotary punching
Extremely precise 
perforations in 
material webs
Linse, in welcher gelochte Produkte sichtbar sind, schwebt neben Schobi und wird durch blaue Lichtstrahlen beleuchtet.
Rotary punching of narrow webs
Efficient processing 
offilm, foils, nonwovens 
& cardboard
FLSM Schmalbahn Rotationsstanzmaschine steht neben Schobi auf blauem Hintergrund
Maximum precision in the 
rotary production of
Profile and 
special contour 
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RSR410 Rotary punching machine

Perfectly perforated and lengthwise cut products

with double rewinder for the production of perforated or profiled single rolls of film, foil, paper or cardboard


  • Standard working widths: 260 to 520 mm (special dimensions available on request)
  • Mechanical speed: 150 m/min
  • Driven material unwind, electronically controlled
  • Web edge control with integrated splice table
  • Basic unit to accommodate product-specific punching inserts
  • Slitting station with pneumatically operated knife holders, for separating the webs, minimum web width 20 mm
  • Double rewinder with constant winding tension, variable for core diameters 76 (3") to 152 mm (6"), optional semi-automatic non-stop rewinder
  • Automatic circumferential register control for precise die-cutting of the printed material web
  • Suction for edge trim and punching waste
  • Minimum material thickness 50 µm (film), minimum basis weight 120 gr/m2 (paper), depending on tensile strength
  • Sophisticated control concept for dimensional accuracy
  • Suitable for industrial production
Linse, in welcher gelochte Produkte sichtbar sind
FLSM Rotary punching machines

Narrow web perforation of films, foils, nonwovens & cardboard packaging

The perfect and economical solution for punching materials for the medical technology and electronics industry


Most important technical features

  • Compact design
  • Working width up to 50 mm (2"), other working widths available on request
  • Max. speed 80 m/min
  • servomotor-driven unwinding and rewinding
  • Mechanical precision side edge control
  • pneumatic expansion shafts for rewinding and unwinding, core diameter 3" for max. reel diameter of 300 mm
  • Pair of tools for punching according to customer specifications (round hole, slotted hole or special shape)
  • Simple tool change due to single-wall design
  • Suction bell for taking over the punching particles, incl. compact suction unit
  • Web tension monitoring
  • Minimum material thickness 50 µm, depending on the tensile strength
  • Suitable for laboratory use
FLSM Schmalbahn Rotationsstanzmaschine
Punching units from Schober­technologies

Maximum precision and efficiency

Punching units from Schobertechnologies are particularly suitable for the production of profiles and special punchings. They consist of a stable, high-precision cast iron frame and have high-precision bearings. Perfect punching with paired materials (carbide, Longlife, HSS or Super CR) guarantee long operating times under maximum stress for working widths of up to 1,800 mm and working speeds of up to 800 m/min. Integration into existing production systems is also possible without any problems.

Stamps and die boxes

Freely selectable punching contours possible

Stempel, Stanzbüchsen und Tellerlochscheiben schweben in Lichtstrahlen

Advantages of rotary die-cutting at a glance

Save material, conserve resources. Our units can be installed online or offline in existing systems.  The service life of the punching units and machines is also significantly extended, as punching tools can be reordered quickly and easily in our spare parts store.

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Proven and precise technology
Burr and dust-free punching process
Safe extraction of punching waste
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Test center for process validation

Questions & Answers

You can perform a simple test with a commercially available hole punch. If the material can be punched, the chances are good. For further tests, you are welcome to send us material samples in consultation, which we can punch for you on our premises. For further tests, we have a test facility at our disposal.

Paper and cardboard from approx. 30 to approx. 600 gr/m2, films and foils from approx. 20 µm to 500 µm, thin metals from approx. 20 µm to 150 µm, depending on the stability and release properties of the material.

Depending on the product image, the structure of the punching tools is defined. For narrow hole spacing, we use special punch holders with plate hole discs. For wider hole spacing, we use interchangeable punches and dies.

If the tool design permits and it is economical, punches and die segments can be manufactured that allow regrinding. If not, at least ideally the punches and dies can be exchanged. This is particularly useful for standard stock items. With the tight hole spacing, the tool may need to be replaced if it is worn.

In principle, this is possible, although in such a case we can only guarantee the professional manufacture of the tool, but not its function.

If it is a repeat order for a Schober unit, this is possible. For third-party products, we can only guarantee the professional manufacture of the punches and bushings, but not the function.

In principle, almost all shapes (round, rectangular, oblong, freeform) from 0.5 to 30 mm can be punched, although a punching test is recommended in advance and minimal radii in the corners are necessary.

The punching waste is pressed by the punch into the die tool. From there, it can be extracted. Depending on the requirements, Schobertechnologies can supply the appropriate extraction system or the customer can realize this on site with a local system builder.

Schobertechnologies can provide the punching unit with a drive gear or provide a shaft journal to which the customer attaches a coupling with drive motor. Schobertechnologies also supplies drive units for integration into customer equipment.

Our punching units are modular, and in most cases they are adapted to the customer's requirements.

If space allows, this is possible in most cases.

The service life depends on the material to be punched. Depending on the run size and punching geometry, Schobertechnologies offers different materials for punches and dies. From SuCR, HSS, Longlife to carbide, if possible.

Innovations made by Schobertechnologies

High performance solutions for the rotary processing of technical products

Our comprehensive know-how in the areas of punching, cutting, creasing or cut&place is our strength.

We are the leading specialists in highly efficient rotary tooling. For many years we develope and manufacture high-quality, consistent tools, bulit-in modules and specialty machines. Throughout the engeneering, production, installation, commissioning and worldwide after-sales service - Our focus is always on the perfect workflow for our customers. 

Flexible display and transfer systems

Choose the display and transfer technologies according to your individual requirements

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