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Optimal protection through antistatic
Reduce set-up time, save material
Proven rotary cutting technology
New generation of hybrid drive technology
Vacuum controlled product run
Safe and efficient product handling

Innovative rotary cutting of inmold labels

The RSM-IML rotary cutting machines from Schobertechnologies are among the most advanced and powerful machines in the world for the production of inmold labels. With the RSM410 IML/MX-DIGI-VARICUT, Schobertechnologies has developed a technically highly sophisticated rotary cutting machine for the production of IML labels which is the perfect and economical solution for medium and small production volumes. The new, revolutionary VARICUT hybrid drive technology also makes it possible to combine continuous and intermittent sequences during the cutting process. Thanks to the advanced technology, a wide range of different cutting sizes can be easily and efficiently covered with just one tool.


The revolutionary VARICUT hybrid drive technology makes format-independent processing of digitally printed films and packaging materials possible... Varicut technology offers many advantages:

Icon Prozess
High degree of availability and flexibility
Icon Lieferzeit
Short setup times for the fastest product changes
Icon Kostenreduzierung
No costs for additional magnetic cylinders for new orders
Icon Produkthandhabung
Predestined for the future challenges of digital printing

Proven rotary cutting technology

The modern rotary cutting machine is characterized by the use of a proven rotary cutting technology. The use of high-precision and long-life magnetic cylinders can guarantee an optimal and safe holding force of the cutting plate.


The magnetic cylinders, built into high-performance cutting units, are equipped with:

  • Preset pressure settings
  • High-precision bearings and bearing blocks
  • Gap Control System for accurate wear compensation of the cutting edge
  • Centrally located quick lift from the magnetic cylinder to the impression cylinder (without loss of register)
Eine bedruckte Papierbahn, welche über Rollen läuft, wird durch ein Schneidzylinder geschnitten.

Vacuum controlled product run

The RSM machine has a full-surface vacuum belt for transporting the cut IML labels. The use of a multi-vacuum chamber system ensures better product handling and means that no further adjustments are required for product contour/arrangement or material grammage changes.

Blaues Fließband mit Löchern, auf welchem Etiketten liegen

Optimal protection through antistatic

The antistatic device ensures that high voltages are safely discharged through the targeted use of discharge electrodes. In this way, electrostatic discharges are reliably avoided regardless of the material and process speed.

Eine bedruckte Papierbahn läuft über Rollen und unter einer Antistatik-Einrichtung durch.

Technical data at a glance

Are you interested in our rotary cutter RSM410 IML/MX-DIGI-VARICUT for the production of IML labels? We will be happy to send you accompanying materials with further information.

Innovations made by Schobertechnologies

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