High quality, persistent and precise
Magnetic cylinder 
with maximum 
holding force
Schobi schwerbt neben einem Magnetzylinder und einem Aggregat, welche blau angestrahlt werden

High-performance module for holding cutting plates

  • Preset pressure setting
  • High precision bearings and bearing stones
  • "Gap Control" system for high-precision wear compensation of the cutting edge
  • Eccentric quick lift-off device for the upper magnetic cylinder
  • Anvil cylinder, hardened and grinded, with optional coating
A magnetic cylinder aggregate stands on a blue background.

High-performance module for gripping positive and negative creased plates

  • Mechanical pressure module with threaded spindles
  • High precision bearings and bearing blocks
  • Eccentric quick lift-off device for the upper magnetic cylinder
  • Cross adjustment of the upper magnetic cylinder
  • Set gear pair with circumferential register adjustment
  • mounted on both magnetic cylinders
A magnetic cylinder aggregate stands on a blue background.

Secured cutting waste removal

Our magnetic cylinders feature the latest technologies for secured cutting waste removal.


  • Suction and blowing air device
  • Waste needles with scraper comb
Two magnetic cylinder units stand on a blue background. The housings are graphically transparent.

Customized holding force 

Schobertechnologies’ magnetic cylinder solutions are characterized by their excellent magnetic retention force. Depending on the application and requirements, magnets with a strong magnetic field can be used in addition to standard magnets.


  • Standard and/or high-energy magnets
  • Linear or staggered arrangement of the magnetic fields
A magnetic cylinder unit with two magnetic cylinder drums stands on a blue background. Thereby the housing is transparently attenuated.

Innovations made by Schobertechnologies

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High performance solutions for the rotary processing of technical products

Our comprehensive know-how in the areas of punching, cutting, creasing or cut&place is our strength.

We are the leading specialists in highly efficient rotary tooling. For many years we develope and manufacture high-quality, consistent tools, bulit-in modules and specialty machines. Throughout the engeneering, production, installation, commissioning and worldwide after-sales service - Our focus is always on the perfect workflow for our customers. 

Flexible display and transfer systems

Choose the display and transfer technologies according to your individual requirements