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Experience everything about the core competencies of Schobertechnologies freely accessible in level 0. If you are interested in new innovations shown in level 1 and level 2, please make an appointment with one of our contact persons.


Level 3: Spare parts store (under construction)

Level 2: Efficient processing of folding cartons

Level 1: Innovative rotary cutting

Level 0: Reception

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"TECHNOVATION WORLD - powered by Schobertechnologies" is a digital offering from Schobertechnologies. As a specialist for innovative high-performance solutions, Schobertechnologies develops and produces rotary dies, installation units and machines for processing film, foil, paper, cardboard and nonwovens. For more information about Schobertechnologies and the "TECHNOVATION WORLD", please visit our virtual world. We look forward to your visit to the "TECHNOVATION WORLD"!

In the "TECHNOVATION WORLD - powered by Schobertechnologies", you can walk freely through the start area. The virtual assistant Schobi will be at your side for a guided tour through the starting area and will present the extensive range of services and technical know-how of Schobertechnologies. The starting area is just the starting point for an exciting journey of discovery through the "TECHNOVATION WORLD" - we will present our innovative high-performance solutions to you personally and individually in various themed worlds.

Discovering "TECHNOVATION WORLD - powered by Schobertechnologies" is, of course, free of charge for you. There are also no costs for you when you visit other theme worlds together with your Schobertechnologies contact person.

For your visit to the "TECHNOVATION WORLD - powered by Schobertechnologies", a personal contact person is at your disposal.

We are the specialists for rotary finishing technology

For more than 60 years, Schobertechnologies has been supplying tools for integration into existing rotary processing systems and installation units as complete solutions. Based on many years of international experience, the Schobertechnologies team finds the right solution for every requirement. The employees can refer to projects that have already been implemented or develop specific options for the concrete challenge together with the customer. Schobertechnologies pursues the goal of developing high-quality and durable products for its customers.

Schobi steht in einem, mit Laserstrahlen angedeuteten, Türrahmen. Davor leuchtet eine Treppe.